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    EarthyBoi Staff Application

    I've met EarthyBoi a few times in the server, he's a general all round together kind of guy. I +1 this. Good luck Earthy :)
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    Basewars Overhaul

    I'll elaborate a tad more when I get home today. Was beyond tired when I wrote this and didnt think about posting in depth on 1 hour of sleep
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    Basewars Overhaul

    So, lately Basewars has been pretty darn tootin linear. As most people would expect it to be. However, I believe if the server were to offer a different approach to basewars we could pull and intrigue a more broader line of players, keeping the population of the server decently high and possibly...
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    new maps

    +1 to District. That map would do wonders for the server and freshen up the environment.