1. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
    I am fine. c:
  2. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
    Why does it have to turn my smile faces into an emoji :c
  3. RockerOfWorlds @ RockerOfWorlds:
    It just has too. ;)
  4. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
    I just made the greatest suggestion this server will ever see.
  5. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
    700 iq suggestion
  6. Mr. HeadCrab @ Mr. HeadCrab:
    Worst one yet 2iq suggestion bois
  7. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
    1 iq*
  8. prop negotiator @ prop negotiator:
    china back at it again with the discord outages
  9. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
  10. mikey @ mikey:
  11. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
    Can Rocker somehow make it so it didn't make smiles into emojis I want to use them without it being made into something dumb :]
  12. Weighted @ Weighted:
    Hey! I'd like to see some people online today!
  13. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
    No uuuu
  14. pinky @ pinky:
    no u
  15. Mr. HeadCrab @ Mr. HeadCrab:
    No me
  16. Mr. HeadCrab @ Mr. HeadCrab:
  17. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
    That feeling when you get muted in the discord by some dumb bot for saying peeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeeeee
  18. ToxicFiend @ ToxicFiend:
    So don't?
  19. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
  20. Thegdw @ Thegdw:
    @RockerOfWorlds online :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  21. Slav King @ Slav King:
    @Thegdw its because of repeating letters shorten the "eeeee" and you will be able to say it
  22. Mr. HeadCrab @ Mr. HeadCrab:
    Welcome back to the land of the living radical xD
  23. Slav King @ Slav King:
    o_O Rad will never get that ban appeal looked at
  24. prop negotiator @ prop negotiator:
    website's been 'under-development' for a while, eh?
  25. Slav King @ Slav King:
    @prop negotiator Sir its been almost a year don't bring it up or he will start working on it and not my ban appeal