a set of people report

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1. What is your steam name? -Ryan2543
2. What is the person's steam name and steamid that you are reporting? -scrooge mcfuck STEAM_0:0:166940616, skully STEAM_0:0:23650294, fliterfeeding king STEAM_0:0:91835770
3. Is the person you are reporting a staff or a regular player? - player
4. Can you describe what happened and why you are filing this report? - his tesla is hitting outside the base whern you walk in the 3 paths are blocked you go by the far right one it hits you hitting your shield and letting them know you there in the end making it toughter to raid cause its hitting you outside there base
5. Provide any evidence you have! ( Video Link/Screenshots ) -


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This video doesn't really show much but a tesla hitting out. It doesn't show whos base it is. I'm also pretty sure Silent was on when you made this and you can do @ [description] to have staff come to you. :/


Im sorry to say but Thegdw is right and the evidence isnt enough to take action on.
If you have a better video of this incident please make another player report.

Case Closed
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