BaseWars Rules List

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All players are responsible for reading this rules list if you do not read the rules and get in trouble you are at fault!
The rules can be updated at any point make sure to check back occasionally!

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Rules List

Last Updated - 2/24/2019


1. Toxicity is not tolerated.
2. Staff can make discretionary decisions to make the game fun and fair.
3. Wardrobe playermodels must never have any combat advantage.
4. No cheating/hacking of any kind.
5. No mic/chat spam.
6. No exploiting or using loop holes you may find in the rules.
7. Do not attempt to boost other players.
8. No prop spamming/minging.
9. Abusing or exploiting any type of donation product can result in losing them without refund. ( Remember to read the Terms of Service )

Basing & Building

1. A base is considered an area made inaccessible by prop(s).
2. No prop blocking other player(s) bases/spawn/tunnels.
3. No multibasing!
4. Anyone who bases with you must be in your faction.
5. No entities are allowed outside of your base base.
6. No stacking props precisely into each other.
7. No entrance to your base can be unraidable.
8. All entities must be removed before a player(s) leaves or is removed from a faction.
9. No turrets/towers are allowed to hit any player outside of your base.
10. No entrance to your base can be un-raidable by any raiding methods in-game.
11. No rooftop bases or skybases.

Combat & Raiding

1. RDM is allowed on BaseWars.
2. No spawn camping or base camping.
3. No placing props to make raiding someone easier.
4. No insiding.
5. No raid interference.
6. No fading door abuse.
7. Bases that require you to teleport to get into are not allowed to have turrets, tesla coils, etc. hit the player in the spawn room, the spawn room is considered a gray zone.​
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