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Combat on this server is dictated by ROLLS. That is using the /roll command to generate a random number for you to see how you've done. Playing in combat is long, and will take time, and ALL of it is done through ROLEPLAY. You don't use FISTS to punch people. You don't inflict damage as the combat goes on. That is all in ROLEPLAY. Bearing in mind that you HAVE to have a real reason to attack someone, and "I want a gun lololol attack cp" is not enough, you should be prepared for what is about to come. Logging out in ROLEPLAY, with proper warning to the person involved, and an agreeance that you DO NEED TO GO, Voids an entire situation completely. Nobody was attacked, nothing was taken, and no lore was established. Retcons, and re-rolls are not allowed, even if both parties agree on it. You get to roll once, and that's it. If trying to leave Combat, you MUST use all actions in a turn for movement away BEFORE you are able to actually sprint and leave provoking a chase. Should you be interacted with in any form (Being struck, shot, tackled, grabbed) you CANNOT run. Being shot non-fatally WILL disable you after two turns, when the adrenaline wears off. This means you can no longer run, and can attack back with a -20 roll debuff. THIS INCLUDES UNITS, AND THEIR RANK BONUS, A SHOT 05 WILL RECEIVE A NEGATIVE BONUS OF -10 IF SHOT. EACH SUCCESSIVE SHOT FOLLOWING THIS ADDS ANOTHER -20 DEBUFF Until it reaches one hundred, at which point the character is dead.

Units receive a unit bonus for their rolls, according to their rank.

RCT: None

05: +10

04: +11

03: +14

02: +17

01: +20

OfC: +22

DvL: +27

SeC: +50

Citizen classes recieve a roll bonus for every Free vortigaunt directly assisting their cause.

One free: +15

Two Free: +30

Three Free: 35, and two attacks per turn

Now, combat is complicated, and hard to track. You usually need a DM, or someone watching when combat starts. That's a moderator or an Administrator. They can dictate when powergaming happens, or when someone has metagamed. Combat is a TURN BASED SYSTEM. It is similar to dungeons and dragons. Here is how combat situations play out

--Player one attacks player two (IN THIS SITUATION: Player two is unaware that the attack is coming, I.E. a sucker punch or an attack from behind)


--Player two will react to the attack, and the turn pattern is established. TURNS ARE MULTIPLE ACTION THINGS.

--In a turn, each player gets to do a grand total of two things. A movement, (which is a short distance of five or six feet, and may include a weapon switch) Followed by a combat movement. The player being struck, then reacts to being hit, WITH NO COMBAT RETURNED WITHIN THAT MOTION. Player two then begins his turn, and gets his reaction, movement, and attack. Should a player choose to do three movements instead of an attack (moving away, taking something, and switching a weapon is a good example) They negate their combat phase. A player never gets two combat phases in a turn, unless directly assisted by a three FREED Vortigaunts.

--Striking someone in the face, or mask will stun them, meaning they only get a movement for their next turn. (Ex: Citizen lands a punch directly on the units face, the unit reacts in a stunned daze, then takes several steps back, now the citizen can move a few feet, as well as attack again before the unit's reaction, movement, and combat action.) You can only be stunned twice in a row before you are immune for two turns.

Now, combat with an aware opponent (Ex, a barfight, or a petty squabble over an argument or stolen property) Must establish initiative before combat can begin. If both combatants are ready, with their fists or a weapon raised, then they both roll before combat to determine who goes first. A tie is a re-roll. Units do not receive unit bonus for Initiative roll.

A vortigaunt CANNOT assist, via Vortessence, in combat without immense concentration. ALL other actions must be dropped to assist mentally with combat. This means that if the vortigaunt is spoken to, interacted with, or otherwise disturbed during the assistance, the citizens instantly lose the roll bonus attributed to them
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