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All players are responsible for reading this rules list if you do not read the rules and get in trouble you are at fault!
The rules can be updated at any point make sure to check back occasionally!

* = New / Edited Rules / Explinations.

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Rules List

Last Updated - 5/24/2019


1. Toxicity is not tolerated. ( Major Offense )
2. Staff can make discretionary decisions to make the game fun and fair.
3. Wardrobe playermodels must never have any combat advantage. ( Minor Offense )
Combat Advantage with Wardrobe is basically when a player chooses a playermodel that is small so the player can't see them for example behind some props without crouching a long with this another way to explain it would also by having a T-Posed model which are strictly forbidden.
4. No cheating/hacking of any kind. ( Major Offense )
5. No mic/chat spam. ( Minor Offense )
6. No exploiting or using loop holes you may find in the rules. ( Major Offense )
The rule about exploiting can range from many things but some things to list in perticular would have to be dependant on the map making an underwater base by exploiting the printer taking damage under-water by stopping it with the repair kit. All exploitations that are found are best to be reported on the forums or to staff so we can fix them if any are used it is counted as a major offense.
7. Do not attempt to boost other players. ( Major Offense )
Boosting is when a player/faction which we call the Primary Booster(s) allows another player/faction which we call the Secondary Booster(s) to destroy entities of any type to boost that players in-game money or not defending both players/factions can be punished harshly for this as it is counted as a major offense.
8. No prop spamming/minging/flying. ( Major Offense )
9. Abusing or exploiting any type of donation product can result in losing them without refund. ( Remember to read the Terms of Service ) ( Major Offense )
10. Racism, Hate Speech and anything of the sort are all not tolerated. ( Major Offense )
11. No harrasing players in any way this is counted as toxicity ( This includes Raid Harrasment ). ( Major Offense )
12. Content defined NSFW must be marked NSFW and some NSFW content are not allowed on the server. ( Minor Offense )
Anything classifed Ecchi on MyAnimeList or AniList is SFW if you put a spray that is from an anime you must list the anime in the sprays name. Any spray that contains genitalia is NSFW. Gore is not allowed at all on the server.
13. Macroing is not tolerated at all. ( Major Offense )
14. No changing the opacity of vehicles. ( Minor Offense )
15. In-game Ear Rape sprays are not allowed. ( Minor Offense )
16. No missuse of the staff ticket / report system. ( Minor Offense )
17. No disconnecting during a raid if you are involved with that raid in-game. ( Minor Offense )

Basing & Building

1. A base is considered an area made inaccessible by prop(s).
The rule is self explanatory though there are some things that are not allowed and are allowed with this rule, you are allowed to build prop bases full on bases enclosed in props but you are not allowed to be raidable you are allowed to make 2 of these types of bases a normal base and a small little thing that for example surrounds your smoothie card if a staff member sees you attempting to loophole a rule it is a major offense that counts under rule 6 under general.
2. No prop blocking other player(s) bases/spawn/tunnels. ( Minor Offense )
3. No multibasing! ( Minor Offense )
4. Anyone who bases with you must be in your faction. ( Minor Offense )
5. No entities are allowed outside of your base. ( Minor Offense )
6. No stacking props precisely into each other. ( Minor Offense )
7. Prop cores are not allowed to intersect only specific instances allow for prop cores to intersect. ( Minor Offense )
8. All entities must be removed before any player(s) leaves or is removed from a faction.
9. No turrets/towers are allowed to hit any player outside of your base. ( Minor Offense )
10. No entrance to your base can be un-raidable by any raiding methods in-game. ( Minor Offense )
11. No rooftop bases or skybases. ( Minor Offense )
Skybases are bases that float in the sky and are also bases that extend into the sky with prop bases these are not allowed at all as the way up can easily be destroyed making it un-raidable and also the way up can be made small making it harder to get up.
12. No putting entities inside of entities or entities inside of props. ( Minor Offense )
13. You must be raidable if you are shooting from within your base. ( Minor Offense )
14. No taking up a massive base / an area that has more than 2 basing spots if you are a solo player. ( Minor Offense )

Combat & Raiding

1. RDM is allowed on BaseWars.
2. No spawn camping or base camping. ( Minor Offense )
Spawn Camping and or Base Camping is when you the player are purposefully sitting outside of spawn/any player/factions base and attempting to kill the player in-game when they just leave spawn or when they are in their base if the player is shooting outside of their base in-game than you can kill the player inside their base in-game.
3. No placing props to make raiding someone easier. ( Minor Offense )
4. No insiding. ( Major Offense )
Insiding is when a player leaves a faction to raid their previous faction but got inside their base by means of being apart of their faction for example they could have left the faction, made/joined a faction then raided while in their base and destroyed entities this is counted as a major offense.
5. No raid interference. ( Minor Offense )
Raid Interference is when any player(s) are purposefully attempting to prevent someone from doing something in a raid in-game for example standing/moving in front of a bomb in-game to prevent the player from diffusing or blocking a door to prevent the player from getting in the base.
6. No fading door abuse. ( Minor Offense )
7. Bases that require you to teleport to get into are not allowed to have turrets, tesla coils, etc. hit the player in the spawn room, the spawn room is considered a gray zone. ( Minor Offense )​
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