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1. Joev1 , STEAM_1:0:83298351

2. I have a mic.

3. I am available mondays 6-7 hours, fridays 12+ hours, Saturday's 20+ hours GMT.

4. I have experience using ULX on many other servers.

5. I want to be staff on NotFound.Tech BaseWars because it is a fun and nice server but some people come on and make it hard for people to have a nice time due to

breaking the rules, or just being toxic in general. I would like to help remove toxicity from the server. I know some times, as Thegdw knows, it looks like im not good enought for staff, but i have been staff on differnt servers and i did well, i got super admin on a use to be popular server called "RDM gaming" with average 50 people. I just like to mess around a bit sometimes. But i prommise that i wont break the rules at all if i becoem staff. ( Not saying that i will carry on if i don't)

6. I can record video proof if i need to and i can also record all the time.

7. I have 140 hours in this server,1510 on gmod.

8. I am 14.


If you noticed a player in the distance prop spamming what would you do? : I would warn the player or even ban them for attempting to crash the server. If it were mild prop spam and they didn't realize it wasn't okay or if I know they are nice or respectful I would ask them to stop and tell them to not attempt it again, and if they carry on, I would warn them.

If someone was chat spamming what would you do? : I would ask them to stop, if they continued I would mute them or warn them if it had being going on for a while. Baised on what they were saying if it was advertisment or hate speach , such as the N word i would mute them so hopefully less people notice,warn them, and ban them. (I do think advertismentis a ban, Due to msot of the time the only reason the person comes on the server is to advertise , not to play) If the player was using a bind like for other servers e.g. Dark RP I would ask them to stop using the bind and or remove the bind all together.

If someone was having an argument that started getting out of control in chat what would you do? : I would ask them to move to DMs/PMs. They should settle it on their own and not in public, if they choose not to do this I would mute the people or gag if they continue it that way until it calms down. If it was someone higher up such as a mod or admin, i would either calm them down or tell them to stop.

If someone has entities outside of their base what would you do? : If the play had forgotten to romove the prop or entity while either leaving or simply moving bases i would ask them to remove it. If the person was new to gmod or basewars i would tell them the rules and to read them, i would ask them nicely to remove it or sell it. If some had an enitity out side of their base and was not new to base wars, i would still ask them to remove it, if failure to comply i would warn the individual. And carry on warning them if thet still dont comply to the rules.

If another staff member was abusing their rank what would you do? : I would take the evidence by me or given to me, to Crafted or Rocker and have them deal with the issue fairly.

( Also if i get accepted, may i have a File/sheet where i see the consequences for sertain actions and times like silent i think has, this would help so i give the perpetrator a fair punishment)

(I am on GMT/English time, when most STAFF are not on, and since most staff and mabey all are from the U.S this means that i can help out European's)


-1 Im only giving you a -1 for 4 reason:

1. Not following correct application format
2. Some spelling errors
3. You just got a warn a few minutes ago
4. Stole answers from Thegdw

(Edit: if you fix the first two reasons i will remove them)
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Too many warns, doesnt know the rules well.
Application format wrong
Spelling and grammar issues with post.

I might be being jaded but i also have an aversion to young staff.


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With all the stuff I said on your last application and how panda said you got a warn I don't feel you are fit to be staff. Edit: The biggest -1 possible to give he stole answers from me which is already common sense not to do but it's also against the rules of making staff apps.
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Mr. HeadCrab

I'm giving you a -1 for 2 reasons since I can't really count the warn you got earlier since I was on

1: wrong format
2: spelling mistakes in the answers given

Mr. HeadCrab

3. Do not copy and paste any parts of someone elses application or your old applications ( Other than your own SteamID or information that would remain the same )!
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