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Name/ID : STEAM_0:1:159355201 - Thegdw!
Do You Have A Microphone : No.
Availability Times: Monday - Thursday 3Pm EST - 11Pm - Friday/Sunday - Anytime depending on how well I feel.
Experience With ULX : None but head kinda told me how to do basic stuff :p
What Made Me Apply : Silent and Headcrab told me I should apply, Plus I also enjoy the server and I'm always on, Plus I memorized most of the rules.
Ability To Record : I record just about everything I do.
In Game Hours : About 274-275 hours.
Age : I want to keep my age a bit of a secret but 14-16 range. I hope that is a good enough answer.

If you noticed a player in the distance prop spamming what would you do? : Depending on how often they play on the server I would decide. Most often it will result in a warn no matter how much time they have on the server because it's mingy, and obviously is common sense not to do it. If they tend to be a good player and are normally good I would verbally warn them.
If someone was chat spamming what would you do? : Depending on the severity of the chat spam I will make my decision on what to do. If they are just spamming a bind or said something a couple of times for dramatic effect or something of that sort, I will verbally warn them to stop. If someone is obviously doing it to annoy people, or I already told them to stop I will mute them and possibly warn them.
If someone was having an argument that started getting out of control in chat what would you do? : I'll tell the people to stop arguing or I will mute them, as we do not want any fights to be on the server and we want everyone to have fun. If a staff member is arguing with someone and they won't stop I'll show Crafted how the staff member is acting.
If someone has entities outside of their base what would you do? : If they are a newer player I will explain to them what rule is being broken, and what is considered a base. If it's a player who should know the rules I will warn them. If I already told a player what they are doing isn't allowed and they have it happen again I will warn them and tell them again what they are doing wrong.
If another staff member was abusing their rank what would you do? : I will take the recording of what was happening and show it to Crafted.
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