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What is basewars?
Base wars is a game mode centered around building a base, raiding as well as defending from other people or factions while collecting money from your vaults and printers to level up and unlock more equipment.
More gear and perks can be unlocked by prestige, which can be done at level 10,000 (type in !prestige). Prestiging will set your level and money back to the start, as well as sell any items that you have placed. Don't worry! That level may seem far off now but printers scale quite quickly to make leveling not nearly as tedious as it may seem.
Recent additions: EMP grenades under raid tools.
Last addition: Additional basewars tools for the tool gun.
Building a base:
Keep in mind that this isn't a rule set, its more of a guideline, there will always be exceptions.
During a raid all props are destructible, so finding a good layout can be difficult sometimes, lets take two examples:

Try and look for buildings that have the following traits:
example house 1.jpg
1. A single entrance
There can be exceptions to this, but generally you only want one entrance that attackers will focus on, and where you can place your defense around to be most effective.
2. Windows that don't break
This can make defending easier, as you can see your attacker coming and kill him before he get a chance to reach your door.
3. A one way doorway:
A one way doorway is a part of the map that YOU can exit from, but your raider doesn't have access to.
Prop health and you:
Not all props are made equal,
you should always check the health a prop you are using to defend. If you don't know the health of a prop you are using, pick up a blowtorch and look at the prop. The maximum base health a prop can have is 1080, which can be upgraded using armor kits. Keep in mind that fences cannot be damaged by bullets whereas regular props do.
The basewars tab:
Go to your spawn menu and click on the basewars tab.

THIS WILL BE YOUR MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME AND XP. Generally buying more printers before upgrading is the way to go. To upgrade a printer you can hold E, or type /upg into chat while looking at the selected printer(up to level 25).
SIDE NOTE: If you are under lvl 20, you can buy and sell printers for quick xp.

This Entity will auto collect from every printer within range. Can also be upgraded to hold more money.
Meth making:
Meth currently will scale based on level.
A video on how to make meth.
Bitcoin mining:
A video on how to mine bitcoin:
No defenses are allowed to hit outside your base, there is no exception to this rule.

You can buy two ballistics and one of any other type. They will fire on anyone outside of your faction as long as the sensor is not obstructed by any props.
Tesla and towers:
Will fire at anyone within range if they are not within your faction. Will target through walls.
If you are basing in a small area and your Tesla and/or towers cannot be placed anywhere without hitting outside, you are not permitted to have that defense as a part of your base.

Press E to arm and disarm. Will activate through walls. Can damage your own entities.
Paper dispenser adds 50 paper to all printers within range when used.
There are currently two versions of health, armor and ammo dispensers. The first tier heals by 5 whereas the second tier heals 50 per second.
The first tier of ammo dispenser will give 25 rounds whereas the second tier will give 250 rounds.
Other Tab:
Armor Kits:
Armor kits should be used on everything once you can afford it. Regular armor kits only adds 500 health however the Heavy armor kits which unlock at level 75 will raise the health of anything you place down by 1.5k.
Capacity Kits: Capacity upgrades can double or triple the amount of money that can be stored within printers.
Currently under your tool gun an option has been added (under "basewars") to quickly armor and add capacity to your props
however keep in mind that the cost is still the same.

ALWAYS GET SPAWNPOINTS, they will allow you to respawn in your own base.
Radars: Once you place a radar it will allow you to see where people are around you unless they have the "ghost" perk which hides them outside of a raid. Red for raiders and green for faction members.
Drugs: Always worth making, can lower the difficultly of a raid immensely. Press E on them to make a drug, which will then pop out as a coke can in 2 mins.
Regen: regenerates both health and armor - lasts 2 minutes
Painkillers: take less damage (0.675x) from all sources - lasts 2 minutes
Rage: deal more damage (1.675x) with weapons - lasts 2 minutes
DoubleJump: allows you to jump one addition time - lasts 1 minutes
Antidote: reduces the effect of acid and freeze towers - lasts 2 minutes
Steroid: increases your run speed by a significant amount - lasts 2 minutes
Adrenaline: increases your health by 50% of your base - lasts 2 minutes
Shield: Blocks ONE lethal hit, lasts 1 minutes
Lonely? Make a faction:
You are not permited to base with someone without first setting up a faction.
Pressing F3 will cause this to pop up:
Create a faction and invite/give the password to your new team member. You are not permitted to create a faction with the name "This player is not in a faction!" or similar to that name.
Starting a raid:
During a raid all props are destructible
There are a number of criteria to start a raid:
Do you or your target have the minimum amount of printers to raid? (Gold printers and up)
Is your target in a faction? (Only solo can raid solo and only faction can raid faction)
Is your target on cool-down? (10 minute cool-down between raids)
If the above is met press f3 and start the raid!
Blowtorch: Does high damage to props when upgraded, type /bupg to do so. Level resets per death.
C4: Takes 20 seconds to detonate, deals moderate damage and cannot be defused.
BigBombs: Takes 1:30 to detonate, deals high damage, takes 15 seconds to defuse.
Heal gun: Will heal teammates up to full+50 additional health, does not repair armor.
Shields*: Will absorb incoming damage from front, can be equipped with a crowbar.
EMP Grenade: Will disable entities (except spawnpoints) within range for 10 seconds. Following that, all entities affected receive a brief 10 seconds immunity to EMP grenades.

* - in beta tab
Karma is a multiplier for respawn time. The lower karma you have, the longer you take to respawn. Killing people outside a raid will lower your karma, and the longer you go on a streak the more the timer goes up. To regain karma you musts avoid killing people for some amount of time.
First right-click Gmod in your steam library and select properties
Then go to BETAS tab, and select chromium-; force update your gmod and your tv should now work in game.
As for why this mod broke, YouTube has stopped supporting old video encodings which GMod relied on. The GMod devs are working on a fix by updating the game to use Chromium/CEF.
Type in "!sprays" into chat. A menu will pop up, go to settings and uncheck NSFW content

Thanks to Pluthorium for proofreading!
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