P3T3R_WAFFLES Application


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- General -

1. What is your Steam Name & SteamID? -

P3T3R WAFFLES (STEAM_0:0:101503506)

2. Do you have a Microphone? -

yes, but occasionally cant use due to living with my grandmother

3. What are your availability times ( Weekdays/Weekends & Timezone )? -

Eastern Standard (EST)

after 7 weekdays (some exceptions)
most times weekends

4. Do you have any experience staffing & are you experienced with using ULX? -

i have experience staffing minecraft servers, as i used to co-own one. I have not used ULX

5. Why did you choose to apply for NotFound.Tech BaseWars? -

because i love the community, love the server, and have already sunk almost 100 hours into it. I already try my best to help people out and would be able to help people more with the staff permissions

6. Do you have the ability to record for proof/evidence? -

i can record using OBS and gyazo, as well as write things down myself

7. What are your current in-game hours? -

192 Hours

8. How old are you? -


- Scenarios -

1. If you noticed a player in the distance prop spamming what would you do? -

tell them the rule of prop spamming, clear their props, and if they keep doing it, kick em. if they keep doing it then, ban for a few hours/days

2. If someone was chat spamming what would you do? -

mute them in chat, warn them of the rule, and unmute. if they keep doing it, mute them again until i feel they have learned their lesson

3. If someone was having an argument that started getting out of control in chat what would you do? -

mute both parties, tell them to chill out a bit, un mute, and if they keep arguing, mute them again until i feel theyve calmed down.

4. If someone has entities outside of their base what would you do? -

tell them to clear them and remind them of the rule. if they wont, ill clear them myself.

5. If another staff member was abusing their rank what would you do? -

remind them what theyre doing is abusive, and if that doesnt work, ask other staff member for help if theres another on, and if that doesnt work, send Rocker a message with proof and allow him to handle it
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Scenarios could be better worded for sure. it's exceptions, not acceptions. a co owner of a minecraft server is pretty good.
sure why not

Mr. HeadCrab

I have seen you on quite a few times but the problem I am seeing is with your Scenarios you hardly ever result to giving a warning you just go to kicking them and banning them for a set amount of time all of them could use some work but you can get used to the proper way of staffing while a SIT so +1


Player is quite active, and has a decent amount of hours in the game. Scenarios seem rather.... interesting, a bit harsh in some cases and in others not really resolving the issue. Nothing is really an outright rejection and can be fixed during the S.I.T period as previously mentioned.