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- General -

1. What is your Steam Name & SteamID? -76561198352576175
2. Do you have a Microphone? - yes
3. What are your availability times ( Weekdays/Weekends & Timezone )? - some weekdays and most weekends my timezone is (GMT+10)
4. Do you have any experience staffing & are you experienced with using ULX? - no, but have watched 2+ hours on how it works but still got some questions
5. Why did you choose to apply for NotFound.Tech BaseWars? - I found that not many admins are on when I play so I can be on when Americans are not on as l live in Australia
6. Do you have the ability to record for proof/evidence? - yes
7. What are your current in-game hours? - 126 hours
8. How old are you? - 14

- Scenarios -

1. If you noticed a player in the distance prop spamming what would you do? - freeze the person fly over to them tell them that is a major offense and warn them if they continue then I will ban them for 5 hours and ask an admin or higher what amount of time I should ban them for.
2. If someone was chat spamming what would you do? - bring them to a place away from people a tell them to stop if they don't then warn them if they still continue then I would ban them for 5 hours and ask higher up what time I should ban them for.
3. If someone was having an argument that started getting out of control in chat what would you do? - bring them both, ask what is wrong then try to solve the problem if they continue after the sit then I will mute them for five minutes if they continue after I will warn them both for chat spamming and mute them for 30 minutes.
4. If someone has entities outside of their base what would you do? - bring them and ask them to remove the entity/s and warn them, if they don't then I will remove them and warn them.
5. If another staff member was abusing their rank what would you do? - tell rocker or any senior take pics and do what I can to stop what they are doing.
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Thank you for your application, sadly you don't seem fit enough to be a staff member. You may re-apply after a week when this reply is posted. Have a nice day.
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