Player Report


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1. What is your steam name? -
2. What is the person's steam name and steamid that you are reporting? -
Lucoa (STEAM_0:1:420582786)
3. Is the person you are reporting a staff or a regular player? -
4. Can you describe what happened and why you are filing this report? -
Fading door abuse / traps hitting outside base
5. Provide any evidence you have! ( Video Link/Screenshots ) -


I agree as well, he was also using E2s to hide in props, and throw big props to blind people. Was extremely annoying and is just camping bases and spawn.


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I also agree, I was a part of that raid and can support what he said and also he was using e2 to throw big planets around people and making them not able to see


@steezy , I'm not sure if this one incident would count as fading door abuse. Would you be able to provide more footage, perhaps of the entire raid?


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lol red sky you saw him doing it in the video, he opens the door to shoot steezy, i rush with a big bomb and so does my friend, after that he opens the door again shoots a little bit and closes it. what do you call that if its not FDA

Mr. HeadCrab

I know im the one that told you guys to post this but seeing how short the video is and to be honest he has VIP so it couldve been him getting to close to the door at the time which opened it