Player Report

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1. What is your steam name? - ToxicFiend
2. What is the person's steam name and steamid that you are reporting? - There were three, should be visible in video, but I didn't catch them all
3. Is the person you are reporting a staff or a regular player? - Regular Players
4. Can you describe what happened and why you are filing this report? - I had to leave urgently, but got raided, I finished the raid, and when I was about to sell and log off, a group of them ran to my base, and basecamped me.
5. Provide any evidence you have! ( Video Link/Screenshots ) -
Here ya go, unfortunately Nvidia doesn't like "Half Life Source" so it nips the audio a bit:


Mr. HeadCrab

Thank you for the report
Its very clear that they were base camping you
Punishment: 1 warn for each player
Case Closed
Not open for further replies.