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It is evident that I plagiarized Thegdw,s staff app.
I do not deny the aligaton however I would like to be unbanned because I did not intend to gain staff by using his staff app, I just couldn't get my point across in words and I thought that his app best described how I would take action and punish rule breakers. I did not coppy the entire on the app and changed words but I was what I would do in game so Didn't see a need to change it much. I do want people to know that even if I put a perfect staff app out and was perfect in game I would of still gained a -1 from weighted because I'm too young. Seems like a stupid reason mainly cuz gdw is only 1 year older than me but he is apparently not young???8

What I'm trying to say is that I didn't mean to break rules by copying sections on his app I just thought that I projected my point better.

Even though I don't expect to gain staff unless I start trying, I just wanted people to know that I didn't mean any harm, by it.

( srry for bad grammar, on phone)
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Gdw is young yes we know this but he follows the rules and doesn't have any warns and to top it off he filled out his own staff app with out copying someone else's answers


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Copying someone else's answers is against the staff application rules. You did it anyways. This plus the fact you constantly break rules on the server shows you really don't care about rules. You broke a simple rule of the staff applications and you got in trouble. You should not do this and I feel what happened was fair. Also!! The -1's on your application have nothing to do with this, it has to do with the fact you stole answers from me!!!!
plagiarism is bad
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The difference might only be one year, but I've seem GDW acting much more maturely on the server than any time I've ever interacted with you. Your willingness to have to use someone else's application is a big show of that.
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