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1. DUB1231
2. Yes i have a microphone
3. anytime after 4 pm to 10 pm on weekdays / after 1 pm on weekends
4. i have no experience as a admin or using ULX
5. i would like to help the server be safe and help new players
6. yes i have OBS to record for proof
7. i have 68 hours in-game
8. i am 15 yrs of age

Scenario 1 if a player was prop spamming i would freeze them delete all the props and ban them for the respected time
Scenario 2 if someone is chat spamming i would ask them to stop and if they don't i would give them a warning
Scenario 3 i would mute both players for 5 to 10 mins and if they keep arguing i would warn them both
Scenario 4 tell them to put them in there base and if they didn't listen i would give them a warning
Scenario 5 i would kick the staff member and report them to a owner or Senior Moderator​


I would like to remind everyone that is thinking about applying and reviewing staff apps that not having experience in ulx or generally with staffing on gmod is not an outright denial. That being said we expect other things to make up for it. A big section of this would be how you are writing your scenarios. With that being said, I think you should take the time to review your scenarios in greater detail, and how people generally staff on this server. The way i currently see it, some of these scenarios are not well written, and some of the answers is simply not how things should be handled.


Mr. HeadCrab

I personally feel that overall only one of your scenarios is passable then rest are just way off the deep end and aren't how the situations should be handled -1

Captain Oppai

God Of Sempus

Thank you for applying to NotFound.Tech, but unfortunately, you are not going to be accepted. We love to bring new slates onboard but currently, we really need to have experience members due to our current state.
If you'd like, you can reapply on the 8th of December.
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