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  • More events can take place. Drop a headcrab pod in the slums for example. (This can also introduce a new "Headcrab Zombie" faction which would not be too shabby.
  • Strict authority. Do not be afraid to use ban hammer for multiple RP infractions. There are many serious RPers, but they are drawn away from not so serious RPers.
  • OOC should have a much longer cooldown. The focus is the world around the player, but with OOC functioning as an active chat, the player may not be so immersed and willing to RP seriously.
  • ADD A BREEN LIKE CHARACTER! The map has a giant overhead monitor system for a reason! There should be a character that may often broadcast much like Breen did in the games. This would definitely add the dreary dystopian feel to the server, and would give the players something to look at.
  • Ensure exploits cannot be executed. The server should be able to handle itself without any active admins (this does not include RDM or FailRP) online. Make sure players cannot reach the Nexus and other off limit areas so any players who do join are not confronted with a non-stop lockdown.
  • Of course, do not forget to train administrative personnel ten times the amount you would for Combine Civil Authority units.

That is all I could think of now, let me know what is thought!
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Totally agree with most stuff mentioned except

1- Play X requires chromium which most people usually don't use

2- OOC timer is fine as it is

3- Breen as a character? RPing as protagonists is usually a bad idea since you have to match almost all their actions, leave it to normal city administrators to say all this, breen's probably busy.

I strongly agree with:

1- Make more events like the man said and make sure it involves as many if not all factions if you can.

2- Ensure exploits cannot be made, people like to glitch into the nexus and rape the judgement waiver siren.


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You mis-understood me. I did not say Breen as a character, but a character like Breen. Roleplaying as Breen would make no sense as he was most likely in a different city.


+1 Love it

+1 love it

+1 Love it

+1 Have had and used it before. Can be a bit buggy at times but overall is good stuff.

+/-0 I wanna think on this one. Not sure if I love it yet. We HAVE thought of letting the theatre have it, so people can go OOC for a lil bit and use the video player.

+1 Like it. Struggle we're having at the moment is population. Should population be higher I definitely want to see this.

Hmm. We do use strict authority, and have a pretty long banlist for being alive for only two days. We generally allow them to minge about pretty much only once or twice. There are some exceptions, but some people are allowed to try again if they seem new enough, or that they are capable.

+1 Like this idea. Keeps things in PMs or DMs.

+1 Trying to do that now. Please let us know if you got any ideas on how, or want to give us a walkthrough of the exploits you find.

+1 I think I'm the only person that's staffing with the server who has LOTS of SHL2RP Experience. My goal is to get everyone up to snuff, but we are also still in beta. Doin our best, but staff's attention is divided between attempting to be part of the RP, and fixing the server. That's also part of the reason events aren't being held as often. Our apologies, but we promise we're doing our Kanye Best.