Unfair Ban


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1. What is your Steam Name & SteamID? epicgamer_02, https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199011597517/ steamidfinder fucking up and saying its 0:0:0
2. Why do you think you should be un-banned? a man was crashing our clients by making his name long or smth and i was lagging and lost my stuff, the admin wasnt on so i wanted to report it to the forums so it can be fixed, so i decided to recreate the exploit and ask my friends if it works and then he said it was something with titles and so i stopped doing it because i got enough information so i can report it and so I GOT BANNED instead of the other guy and the admin let the other guy go?????? this is unfair as i was trying to get information about the exploit and only did it once (and not successfully) for a greater cause.

EDIT: extra info:u can just check my steam account my name was epic gamer then i did it once to check and he told me it didnt work like that so i set it back and didnt affect anybody, if the admin just checked logs instead of banning me would've been great


Dont be a fucking idiot and change your name to exactly the same one as the one who was exploiting.
player was unbanned.