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1. my steam name is Crazy gecko STEAM_0:0:171610886
2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198247090546/
2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/H3avyN1nja/
3. no they are not they are new players
4. what happened is they blocked the spawn and not leting players get through and saying rdm and i have witnesses on what happened and why i am reporting is being toxic and blocking spawn and trapping players in spawn
and i think i reported properly if not let me know so i can fix it /first
time reporting


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One problem, you don't really show who's prop/entities those are in just about all the photos :/ When you use the camera to do this it removes the names of the peoples props and stuff. Normally F6 and F12 do the same thing but don't remove the names so try that instead if it ever happens again. You can go into the settings on steam and also change the key it's set to take pictures if you want.
They may be trolls and stuff but there's not much evidence here showing it was actually them doing it sadly..


Thank you for your report, the following players have received the following punishment.
CoopDawg: 1 week ban and 1 warn.
granny is good at fortnite
: permament ban, you have receieved many warning within a short timeframe showing that you cant control yourself and follow the rules of the server. Feel free to apply for an appeal once you've grown up

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