Welcome to NotFound.Tech

This server is about having fun as we strive to give our players the best experience that we can!


Our support is fast to respond and very friendly if you need any help just talk to us!


Our BaseWars server is mean't to give you the best experience on the basewars gamemode as we strive to give our players the best experience!

Thank you

Thank you to anyone who donates to support NotFound.Tech it is really appreciated!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you have a tos/terms of service?

Yes we do you must agree to it before purchasing any item on the store which will be shown at the top of the page when you goto the donation packages.

Is V.I.P Global?

Yes it will be if we decide to open up more servers but at the moment we have no plans of doing so and plan to focus on basewars.

Will you be offering more than 1 tier of V.I.P?

Currently there are no plans of adding any more donation teirs when it comes to V.I.P.